Manage your cash flow needs with Moneyflow to grow your small business

At Moneyflow, we believe in the importance of helping small businesses grow and succeed. One of the biggest hindrances standing in the way is the availability of cash. We are here to help you in a quick, affordable and easy way. That's why we say "Moneyflow solves the money problem".


Kim Rehfeld, Founder & CEO, Moneyflow

Moneyflow is registered and regulated by the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority
Credit scoring in collaboration with Risika
Risika is approved and supervised by the Danish Data Protection Agency
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Advanced credit scoresWe offer great interest rates to both lenders and borrowers
Simple, easy to understand contractsWe base our relationship with you on good and transparent communication
A completely dynamic systemWe make loans and investments easy so it helps you run and grow your business
Get your invoice payment UpFront

With Moneyflow UpFront, you no longer have to wait for your customer to pay your invoice to get your cash in hand.

Have your entire invoice amount paid out to your bank account the same day as you send the invoice – regardless of the payment terms you have agreed with your customer.

You just return the amount when your customer pays your invoice. It’s that simple. All you pay is a low, no-nonsense, daily price.

Pay your bills OnTime

It happens, from time to time, that cash is limited while a bill, or maybe a VAT settlement, is due.
Often it will help a lot simply to split the payment up into smaller pieces.

That’s what Moneyflow OnTime can help you with. You’ll get a no-nonsense, instant business loan, so you’re able to pay right on time.

The Moneyflow Platform allows you to run and grow your business without any hiccups. We are able to say yes to more good businesses where others would have said no.

We are here to help you!

If you have any questions, comments or a need for help, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We are ready to help you out!