If you are running a small business, one of the main headaches is probably cash flow management. We know the numbers – approximately 30% of small businesses fail due to poor cash flow problems. A low interest rate loan could save your business in a heartbeat. Yet these loans are known for being notoriously difficult to get.

While you, like most small businesses, are bothered by this issue, there’s no reason you can’t move past it. Don’t believe us? Just keep on reading.

At Moneyflow, we have created an easy and hassle-free way for small business owners, like you, get the cash right when you need it. Our advanced analytics says yes to more companies where others say no. It’s quick, affordable, easy with no hidden fees. No lengthy applications, we promise.

Moneyflow integration with Billy

We have partnered up with Billy, a software for accounting, to be able to offer you access to loans directly inside their system. Billy is Denmark’s most user-friendly online accounting system that offers a completely free plan that includes the most basic features you need to handle your accounting.

Based on the real-time consented data in Billy, our integration is aware of the financial situation of your business. This way you can get a credit decision in under a minute. Forget lengthy applications, Moneyflow can help you get the affordable loan you need:

1. Simply go into the bill you need to pay on Billy to see our Moneyflow widget.

Moneyflow widget inside Billy

2. Apply for the money you need from us and adjust the loan period (which you can see is already suggested by our widget to help cover your bill).

3. Pay us back over time. Or repay early without any fees!

Billy is just the start. We’re currently working on Moneyflow integrations for multiple accounting and banking systems in Denmark as well as other Nordic countries and the UK.

If you have any questions about it, please feel free to reach out. We are here for you to get the ball rolling with Moneyflow!

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