Here’s what Kim Ulf Rehfeld Thoden, CEO and founder of Moneyflow has to say:

“It’s a quick, affordable and easy service that can do everything a bank is supposed to do–assisting small businesses with cash when they need it and will give them a proper return when having surplus cash. It's that simple.”

Moneyflow gives micro and small businesses flexible and instantaneous credit-on-demand, embedded directly into accounting software platforms with soon to be PISP (Payment Initiation Service Providers) approvals allowing us to sit inside the payment streams in the software.

We have advanced Data analytics on real-time bank and accounting data ensuring a very low risk on our loans, letting us to offer loans at great interest rates and saying yes to more good businesses where others say no.

Moneyflow is registered and regulated by the Danish Finanstilsynet who is the financial regulatory authority of the Danish government responsible for the regulation of financial markets.

We help small businesses with their cash flow needs, so they can concentrate on running and growing their business without the headaches, because small businesses need money to grow.

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