Get your invoices paid now with Moneyflow UpFront

How to Get Paid Up Front

Does your business have an outstanding amount of invoices but slow-paying customers? It’s a stress factor that makes it difficult to run a healthy business. Most commercial sales happen on 30-to 60-day terms and this waiting time can seriously hurt your cash flow.

The good news is, we have worked on a solution that we call Moneyflow UpFront.

Get paid UpFront!

It’s a quick, affordable and an easy way for you to improve your cash flow. Because having liquidity is important for growing your business.

Our main goal is to help small business owners, like you, grow and succeed. So instead of waiting around 30, 40, or even 90 days until you get the money, you now have an option to get that cash immediately. You just pay a low affordable rate until your invoice is paid. It is quick and easy.


We do this by having direct access to this service inside accounting platforms. This way you can go directly into the desired invoice you are waiting on.

It works inside one of our accounting software partners Billy, a leading software for accounting in Denmark.

Click on the Moneyflow widget, follow the instructions in the popup, a couple of minutes is all it takes. And you’ll usually have the money in your bank account within a couple of hours.

Let’s say your invoice value is 27,490 kr. and you are expecting to get paid in 60 days. You can see then that the daily price with Moneyflow UpFront would be 18 kr. and the total for 60 days is 1,080 kr.

Pay the low affordable rate until your invoice is paid. The payments are automatic and withdrawn from your account weekly.

You also have the option to pay Moneyflow back before the expected date, then you just pay us less than expected without any extra fees.

Remember, you can always log into your MyMoneyflow account on, where you can see the progress of your payment.


At Moneyflow security is a priority and we do our best to make sure our service is safe and secure. Our policies and procedures are designed to protect your confidentiality. All data that we process between our servers and third parties are encrypted.

Have questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us.