Imagine the scenario: You are a small business owner in the need for inventory to match consumer demands. All you need then is some extra cash that can help grow your business. But applying for a small business loan would take too long. Lengthy applications, prolonged waiting time, hidden fees and a pile of documents to fill. Plus, your loan might not even get approved.

That doesn’t sound too good for your business, does it? Well, it isn’t and that’s why we, at Moneyflow, decided to do something about it. We approve more loans than traditional lenders and we have absolutely no fees. Our core purpose is to help you grow your business. That means we want to be there for you at the moment you are in the need for a small loan at an affordable price.

Moneyflow small business loans

In order to achieve this, we have put a lot of work into developing a user experience that makes getting a small loan faster and easier.

Our Head of Product and User Experience (UX), Jonas Kelstrup adds:

“It’s not just the interface that we have made easy to use. It’s also how we have put together the structure of our loans. The process has been made smooth and easy by us removing as many steps as possible. Because of being online, you don’t need to visit the lender’s office nor need to submit physical documents. All your documents are generated on the fly! Everything is automated so you can get a loan in under a minute.”

Moneyflow in accounting systems

Currently, we are working on getting the integration into multiple accounting and banking systems in Denmark as well as other Nordic countries and the UK. It’s already ready to use in Billy, an accounting software that offers a completely free plan including the most basic features you need for your accounting.

The real-time consented data we get from accounting systems, such as Billy, is what makes us aware of your financial situation. Therefore, we know exactly when to “pop up” so you can get access to funds that can help your business seize opportunities to grow.

Plus, we know you are busy! That is why we worked out a way for you to get an affordable loan in a matter of minutes. Simply:

1. Apply for the loan you need.

Moneyflow widget in Billy

2. Adjust the loan period.

Moneyflow has no fees!

3. Allow consent for us to process data about your company to calculate your credit score (takes 30 seconds).

4. Verify your identity (In Denmark you can do it with your NemID)

5. Fill in application.

6. Check your email to follow instructions to sign your loan agreement.

7. That’s it– Your money will be on your bank account within 24 hours!

We know our customers

We live up to KYC (Know Your Customer) requirements. This helps us prevent fraud and constrain the service access of users, who don’t fulfill certain standards of credibility. This means, we know exactly which type of businesses to serve to. “If we do this right, we believe in repeat customers. Essentially, we want to build a community and a platform of companies helping each other,” adds Jonas Kelstrup.


Our policies and procedures are designed to protect both your confidentiality and the security of your information, including your non-public personal information. We store and process your personal information using third-party servers located in secure data centres.

We are registered and regulated by the Danish Finanstilsynet, the financial regulatory authority of the Danish government responsible for the regulation of financial markets.

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