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Our products

Two ways to get funded

Revenue funding

Unlock your future revenue today

Revenue funding allows you to get your future revenue paid out up front as funding for your growth. We make financial- and risk assessments of your recurring and future revenue and can pay out your funding in just 24 hours. Reap the benefits of your work today.

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Invoice funding

Receive instant payment on invoices

When you send your invoice with Moneyflow, you will receive your payment within just two hours. Moneyflow also handles any potential payment follow up with your customer. Gain more control over your cash flow today, and save endless amount of waiting time on payments.

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Which product suits your needs?

We have made a list of some common characteristics that recur in the users of our two products. These are not musts, but may guide you in the right direction.

Revenue funding

Perfect for companies who:

  • – Send many small invoices
  • – Customers subscribe to your service
  • – Need long term liquidity control
  • – Want increased control over financials
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Invoice funding

Perfect for companies who:

  • – Sends fewer big invoices
  • – Customers make single orders
  • – Need short term liquidity boost
  • – Want to save time waiting for payments
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Our mission

Liquidity and cash flow is some of the most important factors for growth. So why does almost all companies wait on payments? Why is almost all payments overdue? And why is it so hard to get funding, when you have evidence for healthy growth?

We have rethought traditional financing and funding with digital and automated solutions that give companies maximum flexibility and control, as well as the best condition for healthy growth.

Our products are fully integrated in some of Denmarks best accounting platforms, which makes them easily accessible, just where you need them.

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Danish FSA