How it works

Get an offer on your
invoice immediately

Receive an offer before your invoice is sent. We calculate the cost of Instant Payment based on accounting data and public credit information


Accept and send

Once your invoice is sent we pay out the total invoice amount (minus our fee) within 2 hours.


What makes an invoice qualify?


Amount of the invoice

Your invoice should be between 100 and 250.000 DKK


Your customers payment history

We calculate the offer based on payment information from your customer


Your customer needs to be in business

Your customer should not be or be close to insolvency

How much is paid out?

The payout amount varies depending on your customer’s trade history, the invoice and credit evaluation. Every time you make an invoice, we will give a price instantly. Here is just an example:

Invoice amount

100 kr.

250.000 kr.

Payment terms


8 days

90 days

Payout range (incl. VAT)

Customer with lots of trade history and good credit rating

Customer with little trade history and poor credit rating

What does my customer experience?

Same invoice layout, just extra information

In order to offer the service we legally take ownership of the invoice. But your invoice remains bascially the same, we just add an owner transfer notice and change the payment bank information.

"We use Moneyflow for more flexiblity in payments. This invoice has been transfered to and can therefore only be paid to Moneyflow Group A/S. If you notice something wrong about this invoice contact"

A friendly follow-up on late payments

We know there can be many reasons why invoices are not paid on time. When following up for payment from your customer, we treat them with respect and offer flexible options.

Moneyflow is approved by 

Danish FSA