How Moneyflow works

The Moneyflow Ecosystem consists of 3 parts:
The borrower, the lender and in between the Moneyflow Platform.

The Borrower

When extra cash could help you grow your business, Moneyflow gives you access to get an instantaneous business loan at a very reasonable price, without the need for any collateral, provision or lengthy application processes.

The Lender

When your business has a surplus of cash, Moneyflow offers a convenient way of lending out some of your money without having to commit to any vesting period. You’ll get a great return on investment, with daily attributions already from day 1, and you’re free to withdraw your loan investment at any time.

The Moneyflow Platform

We handle instant credit rating of borrowers, based on 10.000s of data points, including their accounting and bank data.

We automatically handle loan agreement creation and signing, payout of loans, as well as recollection of repayment.

We manage the lenders pool and the lenders waiting list based on predictive analytics, to match the loan pool in real-time.

Moneyflow integration in Billy

Moneyflow and Billy have partnered up to integrate Moneyflow directly into the Billy accounting system in Denmark. This way Billy’s users have immediate access to Moneyflow with features such as upfront payment of invoices, financing of bills and VAT settlements.

Learn more about our integration with Billy

Billy is just the start

We’re currently working on Moneyflow integrations for multiple accounting and banking systems in Denmark as well as the UK.

We are here to help you!

If you have any questions, comments or a need for help, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We are ready to help you out!