The Moneyflow Products

At Moneyflow, we offer products to seamlessly help you maintain a healthy cash flow. We currently offer two products, UpFront for when you sell and OnTime for when you’re buying.

When you sell, get paid UpFront

Does your business have an outstanding amount of invoices but slow-paying customers or customer with long payment terms?

Our main goal is to help small business owners, like you, grow and succeed. So instead of waiting around 30, 40, or even 90 days until you get the money, you now have an option to get your money immediately. You just pay a low affordable rate until your invoice is paid. It is quick and easy.

When you buy, pay OnTime

Sometimes a payment on a big bill can put pressure on your liquidity and therefore challenge other important payments like salary, VAT etc. but our goal is for you to have a facility that can give you the liquidity for that challenging bill so you can pay everything OnTime again for a low affordable rate on the terms you choose from 4-12 weeks.

The Moneyflow Platform

We handle instant credit rating of borrowers, based on 10.000s of data points, including their accounting and bank data.

We automatically handle loan agreement creation and signing, payout of loans, as well as recollection of repayment.

And soon, we will handle invoice payment collection and dunning on your behalf, to free up time and resources.

Moneyflow integration in Billy

Moneyflow and Billy have partnered up to integrate Moneyflow directly into the Billy accounting system in Denmark. This way Billy’s users have immediate access to Moneyflow with features such as upfront payment of invoices, financing of bills and VAT settlements.

Learn more about our integration with Billy

Billy is just the start

We’re currently working on Moneyflow integrations for multiple accounting and banking systems in Denmark as well as the UK.

We are here to help you!

If you have any questions, comments or a need for help, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We are ready to help you out!